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Lemur Conservation Foundation Needs Volunteers!



Volunteer In Our Office:

Do you have time to help with our produce donations? We need a volunteer to visit Whole Foods in Sarasota then deliver donated produce to LCF.

Committment: One day per week

Want to share your administration skills? LCF welcomes help in our office with tasks ranging from filing to mail management and other light office work.

Committment: Flexible during office hours: Monday through Friday 9 to 5.

Are you a retail maven? We can use an extra pair of hands working on inventory and merchandising.

Committment: Flexible during office hours: Monday through Friday 9 to 5.

Outdoor Volunteer Opportunities:

Do you like speing the days outdoors? Have a green thumb? Maybe you would like to help with tree planting, gardening, trail maintenance or forest management.

We often need volunteers to help create enrichment items and toys for the lemurs.

Can you help with painting and other construction projects?


Become an LCF Volunteer:

Volunteer Application Form(PDF)

For more information contact:

Lee Nesler, Executive Director and CEO at
or email


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