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Malagasy children

The Ako Project is a set of six illustrated storybooks written by primatologist Dr. Aliosn Jolly about the adventures of young lemurs in Madagascar, teachers' guides, and posters showing the unique regions of Madagascar where the stories take place. Each book focuses on a different lemur species. Children can read and learn about the Aye-Aye, Ring-tailed lemurs, Sifaka, Indri, Red ruffed lemurs,and mouse lemurs. These are not textbooks. The stories are meant to be exciting, beautiful, funny, scary.

Each book is accompanied by a poster featuring the habitats of the six species of lemurs in the stories. Readers of all ages will enjoy learning about Madagascar's biodiversity and ecosystems. The posters are appropriate for classroom and home school use.

Dr. Hanta Rasamimanana, Madagascar's 'Lemur Lady' wrote the teachers guides in the Malagasy langauge to help teach science, literature, and languages in Madagascar's classrooms. The books and materials are now available in English and Chinese. Other translations are planned soon. Teacher, educator, and home school resources that meet Florida and national standards are available in English. Ako books and posters are published by UNICEF in Madagascar. Most Malagasy children have little material available about their natural heritage. Only 10% of the country has natural forest remaining. Most Malagasy never see a lemur in the wild, on television or in a book. The Ako Project is designed to enrich empathy for and knowledge about the extraordinary biodiversity of Madagascar.

The Ako Project team includes scientists, wildlife artists, and educators, along with a dedicated group of donors and participating organizations. The Lemur Conservation Foundation originated the project and publishes Ako materials in the USA. The materials are available in the United Kingdom through the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. UNICEF published the Ako Series in China. Contact LCF for more informaiton about the Ako Project in your classroom or your country!




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