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Ako ProjectTHE AKO PROJECT:  Participating Countries

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AKO Madagascar

Classroom in MadagascarPhoto by Ando Ratovonirina

In Madagascar, UNICEF prints 15,000 of each of the Ako Books and 6,000 of each poster.  These are distributed in 20 pilot school districts out of the 100 total: that is, to the fifth of the country where UNICEF has priority projects.  The pilot districts are in areas particularly prone to drought or cyclones, and so in most need.  They are also areas where the new Ministry of Education curriculum can be tested, as well as innovative teaching methods.
Dr. Hantanirina RASAMIMANANA has conducted a series of workshops in three rural areas, to develop a teachers’ handbook for primary schoolteachers using the Ako books and posters.  This year-long project was funded by the Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation
Future projects include aid to Malagasy wildlife artists and authors, beginning with a series of art workshops run by Ako artist Deborah Ross in summer 2012


AKO United Kingdom

Ako UK
The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, has extensive conservation programs in Madagascar. Durrell published of five of the bilingual Malagasy-English versions of the Ako Series. Bitika the Mouselemur is available from their shop at £1.99 plus postage.

Ako UKBrighton and Hove Schools have pioneered an innovative language and literacy method: “Dual Language Talk for Writing”. This involves choosing stories at a level which interest the children in English, and memorizing and otherwise exploring simplified versions in a second language. Starting from Bitika the Mouselemur and Bounce the White Sifaka, the children study English story writing and French language, and expand to the wildlife and culture of Madagascar. For more information on the B&H Teachers’ Guide to the Ako Series , contact Judy Hawker,

An earlier program in Winchester Schools was initiated by Francine Dolins, now at the University of Michigan. Francine is now working with both USA schoolteachers and on lemur navigational research with the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

A two-day conference on Environmental Education in Madagascar was held at the University of Sussex sponsored by the Sussex Masters’ Degree in International Education, on Jan 27th-28th, 2012. This brings together many of the United Kingdom organizations with an interest in Malagasy biodiversity. For more information contact Daniella Rabino,

Mile Oak School, Brighton, 6th year work

Mill Oak School        Mile Oak School

AKO China

Richard and Alison Jolly visit a school in Beijing

Ako CHina

The Ako Books are being published in Beijing in 2012, bilingually in Mandarin and English Through RUN Education Co, Ltd., 润如苏(北京)教育科技有限公司 translated by Yini ZHAO 赵旖旎 Published by Beijing Jiaboyuanda Books Co., Ltd.

The Ako Books in China are offered to parents and to kindergartens for children aged 3 to 6. Kindergartens have more latitude in curriculum than primary schools, and can adopt books and topics which interest the individual school. A large proportion of Chinese children attend state-sponsored kindergarten, both as an introduction to schooling and as socialization for children from one-child families. English language is part of the kindergarten curriculum



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